Football, Ukraine, saving the world, that sort of stuff
The major challenges facing us in 2022
Listen to 26.2 Miles of Pain and Joy Listen now (5 min) | Thanks for helping me over the finish line of the New York City marathon.
Thank you for getting me over the NYC Marathon finish line
It took me three years to face up to the shooting
A roundup of the best of me and the web
Aural Guide to Sex and PronounsListen now (8 min) |
Why use he/him, they/them, te/ter?
The Exquisite Fragility of Beauty (Listen)Listen now (17 min) | Moving through the world is a privilege
We're 30 years from foreclosing on Planet Earth
Arrivederci Trombonista Listen now (10 min) | Share the love, whatever your instrument
Share the love, whatever your instrument